Step by step to download all photos with few clicks

The Google application announced that as of June 21, 2021, it will stop storing unlimitedly.

Since Google Photos announced that it will stop storing the 15 GB in its cloud, many users have explored the mechanisms that should be used to save photos.

What many ignore is that from the platform there is a mechanism where you can save the images on your pc or on an external storage card.

Below you will know how is the step by step to save photos from the application developed by Google:

Save images from Google Photos

First you must bear in mind that you can do it from your cell phone or your computer, but it is advisable to do it with your PC so that your images are saved in a folder away from the cloud.

Then you must:

Access Google Takeout
Once inside, « Unmark all » appears and choose Google Photos in a unique way, locate this section as there are many services offered
Once selected, you must click on Next step and it will lead you to the other options
Choose the output format, in this case it is best to be in .zip, a format that can be opened on Android and also on Windows, Mac Os X and Linux.
Wait for the process to be carried out and you will already have a complete backup in a link that Google will send to your email
It is advisable to create a copy in a file, but if you do not have a very good connection it is good that you compress it into many 2 GB files.