Step by step so that a song does not play automatically

The tool has options for all types of playback that the user wants.

Apple Music is that ideal music tool for those users who have Apple devices and do not have access to a Spotify account.

Its practical characteristics allow the user a variety of actions within the platform that make it an attractive alternative application for streaming music.

One of those options that the user can handle is to enable the playback of only one song. In other words, avoid automatic music playback.

Application utility

In certain situations, the Apple Music player starts playing songs automatically, without even being tied to your musical tastes, causing some discomfort to the user. That is why this function that we will explain below is relevant.

Step by Step

To avoid uncomfortable moments it is important:

When listening to a song, you should touch the Now Playing card at the bottom of the screen.
Then you must click on the ‘Playing next’ icon in the lower right (three dots and three lines) and you will see what Apple Music plans to play after the current song ends.
At that moment you must scroll to the end of the list and an infinity icon should appear.
There you can deactivate the function, just by selecting the infinity icon at the top right of the playlist, next to the shuffle and repeat icons.

When you click on that icon, the box around it will disappear (as will the autoplay message at the bottom of the playlist) and you will no longer have to worry about the service automatically playing songs that do not sign part of your pleasures.

To turn autoplay back on, just tap the infinity icon again.