One more week without tennis, one more week to listen to the professionals of the sport about their routines during confinement. In a short interview with the ITF, Stefanos Tsitsipas He explains how hard they are being these days, especially for someone young who, in addition to living a very beautiful moment in his career, came from obtaining good results at the start of the season. The Greek thinks that all this may end up being a turning point for the human being, although he still does not know for sure how we will get out of this.

“It means a huge impact. Right now everything is stopped and we don’t know exactly when this break will end. I miss competing, I miss playing, I can’t wait to get back on the track, it is the competition that keeps me alive, what keeps me active every day. Sincerely, I am eager to play my next tournament, so I hope that there is not much time left, that there is as little time as possible. Now what I do is try to stay in shape, but time seems to be running very slowly, ”confesses the current No. 6 in the world.

The one from Athens faces this uncertain panorama for the first time, like so many others of his age. “The situation is very difficult, but I try to stay active. I’m trying to get out a little, just enough to exercise, run, and keep my body in shape. This seems like little, right now is something really challenging, the easiest thing is to fall into laziness and do nothing. It is complicated because you do not want to gain weight, you do not want to lose muscle or flexibility. All of these factors are key to keeping you in top shape. We are obliged to find solutions to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, “says the 21-year-old.

One of the great pillars of the modern elite athlete is in food, a pillar that for many could falter in this quarantine. “I tried to cook during the first days of confinement, but now the truth is that it bores me a lot. Mainly, what I do is order food to take to restaurants, although I always avoid consuming junk food, I try to choose other types of food. Right now the usual thing is to see me eat good hydrates, products that have the necessary nutrients to maintain shape. There are many organic foods that really suit my diet. “

But what hurts the Greek player the most is having withdrawn from a circuit that was doing very well in 2020. For example, with that last final in Dubai. “I was carrying a good dynamic before the suspension, so it is difficult to know how this break will affect me. This is probably all a good opportunity to learn something new, like a new language, or to focus on other things that I always wanted to improve as an individual, as a person. I can become a better version of myself by doing something creative and fresh every day, something that helps educate me and gain knowledge beyond tennis, ”he says.