The generational replacement in men’s tennis is more than assured. There is a more than remarkable pleiad of tennis players with incredible potential, and who, with total certainty, in a couple of years will be amazing everyone proclaiming themselves Grand Slams champions. One of them is Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, for many one of the most talented tennis players on the circuit, and that every year seems to be closing the gap with the big three. In an interview given by Eurosport, the Greek reviews all the news and recognizes Pete Sampras as his childhood idol.

-The current number six in the world believes that it would be good to spend each year confined time in order to improve the planet:

“I am one of those who think that we should be locked up once a year. Many people have had a very hard time at home, but I think this little break has been very good for nature. Our planet was suffering excessively and since that the Earth stopped for a few moments we have seen animals circulating around them and a decrease in pollution. In addition, people are beings that live busy. You never have time to spend with your family and be able to connect so much to them. Now it has emerged a great opportunity to be able to do it. I have felt like a child again, “he admits in statements collected by ..

-As you are preparing until tennis returns to normal:

“I am currently training every day, although I am not giving 100% of myself at all. Every day I am gradually improving, but we are living a perhaps a bit complicated moment, since you still do not know when tennis will return to normal. I’m taking it easy and I prefer not to get too tired to avoid complications in the form of injuries. You have to go little by little. “

-Tsitsipas acknowledges that he still hurts that defeat against Stan Wawrinka in the fourth round of Roland Garros 2019:

“Without a doubt it was one of the matches that gave me the most pain. It was very difficult to overcome that defeat, since I felt very close to winning the match and being able to play a good role at Roland Garros.”

-The figure of Pete Sampras made him change the way of seeing tennis:

“Pete Sampras was one of my idols. My father used to watch all his games and he made me hook up with him. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting him in Indian Wells and it was an amazing experience. His style of play was unique, incredible and with a game of serve and volley that struck me. Sampras was a great player and I think he revolutionized tennis with that one-handed backhand, “he concluded.