Mexico City.- Through a CANACERO statement, it informs and shows the new health protocols that industries are now developing to adapt to the new normality.

They assured that the industry is ready for a new way of working, even safer, reinforcing and implementing precise protocols, frequently sanitizing work and transport areas, taking temperatures at the accesses of workplaces, using mouth guards at all times and respecting the social distancing in the operative areas and dining rooms.

In addition, they will be giving priority to telework, as well as collaborating and supporting their communities, with medical teams, biosafety elements and hospital reinforcements, so that together with their value chain it is possible to produce everything we need.

They referred to the relevance of steel for the manufacture of hospital products, of households, for the production of food, canned to preserve them, in vehicles to transport materials and supplies, to build homes, work centers, bridges and roads.

In the video they shared, they highlight that “to stop Mexico it takes much more than a storm and the steel industry will be present, as it always was, to improve the lives of all Mexicans.”

In Mexico, the steel industry in 2018 consolidated as the 14th largest steel producer in the world, having an annual production of 20.2 million tons of steel, with 3.8 million tons of finished products in exports and 10.1 million tons in imports of finished products.

The steel sector in Mexico is the 1st consumer of natural gas and the 3rd consumer of electricity for the industrial sector. More than 672 thousand people are directly employed by this sector. Steel activity in Mexico is reflected in its contribution to the National GDP, which is 2.1%.


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