Steel figure, Kylie Jenner shows off silhouette on her last trip

Steel figure, Kylie Jenner shows off silhouette on her last trip (INSTAGRAM)

Steel figure, Kylie Jenner shows off silhouette on her last trip | INSTAGRAM

It has been about 20 hours since the famous and recognized socialite Y businesswoman Kylie Jenner, embarked on a new journey, which seems to be about expanding her famous companies to every corner of the planet.

Although, so far he has not said openly where he is, what did happen was that he shared a series of three illustrious Photographs, which have completely enchanted the audience, coupled with the stories he shared as he changed places.

First, he took on the task of uploading an image inside his exclusive, super luxurious and elegant private plane, capturing a post that showed us two large designer bags, with this, he informed us that he was leaving for some place, however, he never named it, and this time, the strange thing is that he did not mention if he was going with someone else, or only with your security team.

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In the following image, he placed a splendid view of some city at night, the same that hours later he shared again, but directly in a publication of his profile, where, by the way, I accompany with the following description: “oh, do you want to know where I am?”, to which his loyal audience quickly responded.

Although, thinking about it, perhaps he shared the image with that specific description, since having placed it first in his stories, it is likely that many people have asked him that question directly in his entertainment pieces.

Some time later, in the same section, she shared an unpublished image of her night outfit the day before, yes, we are talking about that beautiful mech dress with a pattern of different shapes and colors, just as the billionaire loves them.

Showing her cute and tiny pink bag, where quite possibly the only thing she brings is her credit card and her mobile phone, she also showed us her beautiful golden slippers, and her splendid work in the beauty salon, on her manicure and pedicure, perfectly combining all the colors he used.

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Finally, in her stories, a video of her walking appeared, leaving some crowded place, through the emergency exit, go the redundancy. Always flirtatious, she showed herself to the camera, leaving all her physiognomy in the foreground from the back, and then she turned a little to give us that look and beautiful smile that hypnotizes.

She appeared with her casual outfit, which was a comfortable mom jean, and a crop top with a sublime print, a makeup not so heavy, but enough to frame her beautiful features and her hair loose and wavy at the ends, showing off like this. very beautiful, for your business.

It is not a secret that the smallest of the Kardashian Jenner clan is the best when combining her outfits with endless accessories, because on multiple occasions we have seen her wearing various rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of the best quality, and always standing out and shining everywhere.

Not for nothing, he has positioned himself as the second celebrity with the most followers on Instagram, gathering up to this moment more than 229 million followers, only placing photographs and videos of his daily life, and his splendid outfits that, in a matter of hours , they are replicated by hundreds or thousands of people in the aforementioned application.

In addition, that the youngest of the Jenners has always stood out for being charismatic, super funny and humble, despite having so much, proof of this is her little girl, the tender Stormi, who is very educated and is not spoiled at all, like many people think it is, just because of having a life full of luxury.