Steam’s summer sales start today

In addition to the Sun itself, what burns us the most during the summer is the money in our wallet. And it is that it is one of the most anticipated periods of video game offers, with large events such as Steam’s summer sales, which according to the latest leaks, would be about to begin, dating for today.

With a countdown already present, the source is none other than Steam Database, known for offering all kinds of previews and information on this gaming platform, with a practically perfect hit rate. And it is that these leaks are usually based on the dates that Steam shares with the developers participating in the summer sale offers.

So, after the first appearance of a page that collected all the outstanding games related to recent fairs such as E3 2021, the Summer Game Fest, or the Steam Nest Fest itself, we will finally have a summer sale proper. In fact, as usual, the Steam summer sales are expected to arrive as one of the strongest sales campaigns of the year, with discounts of up to 90% for a selection of thousands of discounted titles.

However, we will meet again with an event without the presence of stickers, exclusive objects, or minigames. Although this filtration does anticipate the availability of new profile topics created by the community, citing some like Candy, Cherry, Steam Green, Sea Foam, Autumn, Blue Screen, Summer 2021 (featured in the featured image of this news story).

As we said, the sales are scheduled to begin Today June 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain (Peninsula time), 11:00 in Mexico and Central America; 12:00 for Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; 13:00 for Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela and Paraguay; and 14:00 for Argentina and Uruguay; being able to access them through the web store itself or its desktop and mobile applications.

For its part, despite the recent celebration of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, it is expected that the rival platform will also launch soon your own summer sale event to confront Valve, although at the moment any details about its exact start date are unknown.

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