With hardly any noise last week it reached the Nintendo Switch catalog Steam Tactics, a rpg with turn-based combat with mechanics very much in the style of the first Fire emblem or Wargroove (here our analysis). The game has already passed through PC, via Steam where it has been for almost three years, and now comes to different consoles including the nintendo hybrid. This is your launch trailer.

Developed and edited by Russian indie Igor Rashkuev, in Steam Tactics the player will control the captain of an entire squad of air ship pilots in a steampunk world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. In fact, seeing some of the protagonists in the trailer, more than one will want to find some reference to the characters of the nintendera saga Starfox.

Combat in Steam Tactics It is easy to understand but has its complexity and the creative decisions of the players will be important when, for example, equip the ships, level up the pilots or choose the strategies to follow in every battle. The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for € 9.99 and also features a free demo.


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