Steam now supports PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers

While right now all eyes are on the imminent arrival of PS5 in Spain, as well as the successive comparisons with both Xbox Series X and Series S, the PC continues to advance calmly ahead of both consoles. And it is that the last update of Steam Client Beta seems to have already added initial support for new drivers from Sony and Microsoft.

For their part, Microsoft’s drivers once again present much better compatibility with computers, with complete functionalities that solve the small problem of detecting the gamepad in a duplicate way with this beta version.

However, in the case of the new DualSense, although the controller is compatible out of the box, it seems that advanced functions such as haptic vibration, touch trackpad, or gyroscope motion and tilt recognition are not yet implemented. Also, based on what was seen previously with the PS4 DualShock 4, it is unknown if Steam plans to update with full support for these options.

Unfortunately, these compatibility features are found currently limited to beta versions of the platform, so if we are not part of this program, we will not have access to them at the moment. However, as we have seen previously on Steam, it is most likely that we will soon see the implementation of these functionalities for all users in a very close period of time, possibly even before the end of the current year.

PS5 DualSense Xbox Series X Controller

DualSense for PS5 and Xbox Series X Controller, beyond consoles

And it is that despite the fact that the DualSense box only lists the compatibility with the PS5, as we saw previously, the controller can be connected with a cable to a Surface Laptop Go, in addition to an almost complete functionality wirelessly to a Google Pixel 5, through which he was even able to play Microsoft’s xCloud cloud game service.

On the other hand, while the PS4 Pro is able to recognize the DualSense through the connection by both cable and wireless connectivity, unfortunately it seems that the controller will not really be compatible with its previous generation, without detecting any pulsation or movement of the joysticks.

A compatibility widely surpassed by its main competitor, since the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will not only have a small button on the front that will serve to activate an infrared receiver compatible with old Xbox One remote controllers; but the new controllers of the new consoles will also work as normal in the previous generation.

In addition, like the PS5 controller, these controllers will also feature wired support for all Windows devices, as well as wireless compatibility with smartphones.