Steam already takes advantage of more functions of the DualSense, control of PlayStation 5

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If you are delighted with the DualSense on PlayStation 5, you should know that you can now use the controller officially on other devices besides the Sony console.

In case you don’t remember, Valve last week enabled initial support for using DualSense on Steam. This way, gamers can now use the controller on the PC gaming platform. However, not all functions of the controller were enabled.

Because of this, Steam users could use a DualSense to play games, but couldn’t take advantage of features like vibration, trackpad, or gyroscope. This changed recently, as Valve improved support for the PlayStation 5 controller.

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Valve improved DualSense support on Steam

Valve updated the Steam Beta client again to optimize DualSense support. Thanks to this, players can now use some additional functions of the PlayStation 5 controller on the PC platform.

The additional support for the controller now enables the operation of its LED light, its vibration and its gyroscope. As if that were not enough, it allows the use of the trackpad on some occasions. Valve added a directional slide mode to use this feature in conjunction with the gyroscope.

As you can imagine, DualSense support on Steam is not complete yet, so there will surely be another update with more improvements soon. According to some reports, the controller is still displayed on the Xbox icon dashboard.

Also, some gamers claim that the controller’s vibration only works when connected with a cable to the PC. On the other hand, there is still no support for the adaptive triggers of the controller.

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PlayStation 5 arrived in countries like Mexico, the United States and Japan on November 12. The console was released today in the rest of the world. Find more information about the Sony system at this link.