Well known is the situation that is currently affecting the entire world, that is why one of the main recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home.

Since the quarantine began, many athletes and personalities from the world of sports have been posting via social networks, some suggestions and recommendations to train or improve some aspects, whether sports or fitness.

Well, the Asian company EVOLVE MMA, is offering free ONLINE classesObviously, the only problem that some may have is that they are not in Spanish, since, for example, in the first classes, fighters like Sam-A Gaiyanghadao Y Peneak Sitnumnoi they were sharing their knowledge.

For those who don’t know, Sam-A Gaiyanghadao, is a sports legend of contact in Asia, is a multiple winner of championships in different divisions and in various companies, both Muay Thai like Kick boxing, registering 369 victories for 47 defeats.

Disciplines such as Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in general, will be the schedule of the activities taught by the professionals who belong to EVOLVE MMA.