Tssss … if you are reading this, what does responsible and adult life say? How are those knees and back? We hope everything is in order, and if not, let this news relieve you a little with a spoonful of good nostalgia. Do you remember Static-X? That band that made you crazy around 2000 thanks to its peculiar sound and the characteristic voice of Wayne Static (QEPD) … well, what do you think …

Wayne Static from Static-X

Photo: . // Here, Wayne Static on the Family Values ​​Tour 2001

After just over 10 years without new productions, Static-X is back with his new album ‘Project Regeneration, Vol. 1’, the seventh in his career. But the most incredible thing about this matter is that, as previously stated, this album has many of the last tracks that Wayne Static composed and sang along with the original formation of the ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘, one of his most legendary albums. It is now available on streaming platforms.

Maybe from that album you can find songs like “Push It”, or “I’m With Stupid”.

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While hearing Wayne’s voice again provided some incredibly emotional moments for all of us, the feeling I finally had of being in this band and making music together is great… I hope everyone who listens to this album feels the same way.“The band’s drummer, Ken Jay, said in a press release.

In fact, they had already advanced us a couple of tracks of this new album with unpublished tracks. Here’s one:

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This unpublished album was delayed a few times, for the same reason that Tony Campos, bassist for Static-X, says: “I’m really excited to finally release the album. I know the fans have been waiting a long time for this, but I hope that once they have it, they will hear the love, the sweat and the tears we put on it and feel, as we have done for them, Wayne’s family and memory. Wayne’s. “

New Static-X albumNew Static-X album

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And yes, listening to this album is like getting on a time machine and traveling 20 years ago because it sounds just as solid as everything Wayne Static played. The same and if you do not remember the two songs that we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, chance of remembering “Cold”, as it was part of the official soundtrack of ‘Queen of the Damned‘, film released in 2002.

See YouTube What did Wayne Static die of?

6 years ago, Wayne was found dead in his room. Later, it was revealed that he had died in his sleep, but the autopsy revealed that the singer passed away from a lethal mixture of Xanax, other medicines, and alcohol. She was only 48 years old when she left this world.

It is worth mentioning that the same band has been active with tours and tributes for Wayne, in fact just last year they made a world tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Wisconsin Death Trip, with the original band. In the voice? Xer0, same that wears a mask and a wig emulating Wayne’s mane.

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