States may divert funds from bailout plan to increase gun control

15 minutes. United States (USA) President Joe Biden will allow states to divert funds from the pandemic rescue plan towards measures to reduce the number of weapons circulating illegally in the country, as well as to help the communities hardest hit by the violence.

The president will make the announcement this Wednesday during a speech at the White House on his strategy to reduce crime. This strategy includes the need for greater arms control, advanced 2 senior officials who spoke on condition of anonymity in a telephone press conference.

Biden’s plan consists of 5 points and aims to reduce the number of homicides in major cities. Last year, coinciding with the pandemic, they increased by 33%.

To do this, the president will allow states to divert part of the 350,000 million dollars allocated to local and state governments that is part of the 1.9 trillion dollar rescue plan – which Congress approved in March of this year – to alleviate the effects of the pandemic and raise arms control.

Specific, states will be able to use that money to hire police officers and invest in new types of police training. Likewise, to acquire technology that allows agents to respond more quickly to incidents with firearms.

In addition, states will be able to invest in educational programs to prevent violence. They will be aimed at those communities that, for social and economic reasons, are more likely to be involved in incidents with firearms. Specifically, as victims or as perpetrators.

Arms dealers

On the other hand, together with Attorney General Merrick Garland, Biden will announce this Wednesday a “zero tolerance” policy against federally accredited gun dealers who break the law. For example, selling a pistol on the black market.

It will also announce measures to help the social reintegration of prisoners. The argument: that this will help reduce crime.

Specifically, the Biden government plans to provide housing assistance to some ex-inmates. Likewise, give tax incentives to companies that hire an express in the first 12 months of their release from prison.

Finally, the president wants to use part of the budget for the next fiscal year, which has yet to be approved by Congress, so that there is an agent specializing in firearms in all Police departments in the country.

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