In the vast and vast world of video games, new communities often emerge, causing large numbers of people to gather around their favorite titles to chat or even compete to demonstrate who is the best of all. However, as in any aspect of life, these communities are made up of all kinds of people and, in view of the last allegations that have arisen around fighting game communities (which have even led to the cancellation of EVO Online), Nintendo wanted to make its position very clear through a statement that the IGN portal has published.

This is the position of Nintendo before the accusations to some members of the fighting game communities

At Nintendo we are very concerned about the allegations made against some members of the competitive gaming community. They are totally inadmissible. We want to make it clear that we condemn any act of violence, harassment and exploitation carried out against any person and we support the victims.

Therefore, it is totally clear that Big N condemns any act that goes against the healthy competitive spirit that should be in the gaming community. In this way, the only thing you do is stain the name of the communities, but it also harms people who all they wanted was to have a good time together with those who also share their passions in life.

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