The Secretary of Education of the State of São Paulo, Rossieli Soares, said this Tuesday, 2, that he has the new coronavirus. He is admitted to the 9 de Julho Hospital, in São Paulo, and is diabetic – which puts Soares in the group at risk for the disease.

On Twitter, Soares affirmed that the members of his team with whom he had contact will undergo the examination of the covid-19 and will undergo follow-up. An aide, the woman and the son are fine.

On Friday, the secretary would announce the government’s plan to return to classes in August at state, municipal, private schools, universities, Fatecs and even English courses.

According to the Estadão, the scheme would work for two weeks and then the number of children and young people would gradually increase. The state government ruled out the possibility, previously mentioned, of starting classes with the youngest students, in early childhood education (zero to 5 years).

The lap protocol also provides for the use of masks and a distance of 1.5 meters inside the classrooms. Whoever is not in the face-to-face classes would have to continue with distance activities, both in public and private institutions. The plan applies to the entire state, but each region in São Paulo can determine a date for reopening.

Who is Rossieli Soares

Soares has been in charge of the São Paulo State Department of Education since Governor João Doria (PSDB) took office. He entered in 2019 with the challenge of improving the learning of children and adolescents, whose assessment results were below states with less resources.

In 2018, shortly before joining Doria’s team, Soares led the Ministry of Education (MEC) during the term of former President Michel Temer (MDB). And, before the ministry, he had held the positions of secretary of Basic Education during the administration of Mendonça Filho in MEC and secretary of Education of Amazonas.

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