State of Mexico is second in railway claims

Mario C. Rodriguez

Toluca / 02.20.2021 07:09:01

The State of Mexico ranked second in the number of rail accidents in the country during 2020, according to information from the Railway Transport Regulatory Agency (ARTF).

During the past year Nuevo León registered 187 claims; followed by the Mexican entity with 139 in the same period; while Guanajuato took third place with 117 facts traffic of this type, documented the decentralized body of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

The report shows that the loss ratio generally increased nationwide during the third quarter of the year and in the case of the State of Mexico was no exception, since in that period they counted 47 incidents.

The same study reports that pfor the cu4th quarter of 2020 in the entity the rate fell 36.17 percent compared to the previous period, which for the Agency means a positive indicator in the matter.

This was the closing of 2020 on the Mexican roads

The end of the year for the rail system of the Mexican entity revealed mostly a downward behavior compared to the previous quarterHowever, it was characterized by being the first nationwide in number of incidents in some areas.

In the case of vehicle windings, went from counting 16 in the third quarter to close the year with nine, that is, there was a decrease of 43.75 percent; Meanwhile in causes other than the railroad such as the running over of people, the entity went from having 23 to just 13, decreasing the trend 43.48 percent.

With regard to derailments, during the last quarter of the year the State of Mexico was the national leader with eight incidents out of 37, however, this type of claims also represented a decrease compared to the previous period, with 20 cases out of 71.

« On this occasion, the number of derailment reports on all types of roads showed marked downward trends, » the document explained.

Regarding the events related to « Objects on the track and Landslide / Landslide » and « damage to facilities », the closure of the entity’s railway lines was 16 facts out of 50 registered in the country, being the first at the national level.