Stardew Valley will jump from screen to table

If you are one of the people who have enjoyed Stardew Valley on your PC, this news will surely bring you great joy. It has happened to me. And it is that Pelican Town, that idyllic place far from modern society, the rush and noise, and that until now only existed in the games of its players, has surprised us jumping into the analog world, with a board game that, although it will not be able to reproduce all the dynamics of the computer game, it does offer us other interesting and fun possibilities.

The launch of the Stardew Valley board game was a surprise. It was made public just a few hours ago and has been announced on Twitter by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, its creator. The adaptation of the game has been a teamwork between Barone and Cole Medeiros, a renowned creator of board games with many titles already published and, as we can read on their website, they have dedicated more than two and a half years to achieve an adaptation that is as faithful to Stardew Valley, but at the same time adapts to the peculiarities of board games.

If you don’t know Stardew Valley, we talk about a game published in 2016 for Windows, and later for MacOS X and Linux, in which you start as just another worker in the big city, with a gray job and a life that does not satisfy you. Tired of the routine, one day you decide to break with everything and move to an old and dilapidated farm, owned by your grandfather. From that moment on, your life will change completely, as you will have to assume all the responsibilities of a farmer who takes care of his crops, restores the farm and, in addition, has to take care of his relationships with the rest of the locals to fit in in Pelican Town.

Explained like this, Stardew Valley may seem simple, and it’s not really a game with a complex learning curve far from it, but it does it is tremendously rich in possibilities, both in relation to the management and exploitation of the farm, and in relation to interpersonal relationships, in which there can be an endless number of roles that you will have to know how to manage. Beyond an adorable environment, much of the magic of the game lies precisely in that richness.

Moving all of that from the PC to a board game is no easy task, even more so when the aim is to create a consistent gaming experience on both platforms, but that does not sacrifice fun in favor of fidelity to the original. It costs little, therefore, to assume that a good part of those two and a half years of work to bring Stardew Valley to the table has been dedicated to establishing the proper game mechanics, preserving the spirit of the game.

This results, as Barone himself has explained, that it is a game «designed to have a certain depth and complexity«, which we can translate as that it will take some time to become familiar with the mechanics of the game, that is, does not offer a casual game model. The good part is that, once the rules of the game have been mastered, the table version of Stardew Valley has been designed to be able to modify them and adapt them to the preferences of the players in each game.

Its price is 55 dollars and the worst news is that, at least at the moment, it can only be purchased in the United States, although in the store we can read that they are already working to make their purchase possible beyond the US borders. Thus, it is likely that we still have to wait a while until the board version of Stardew Valley officially arrives in Spain, but being able to make Joja Corporation have to leave Pueblo Pelícano also on board makes the wait, without a doubt, worth it. .