Starbucks to increase barista salaries by 10% in the US

The company Starbucks He decided raise salaries of employees who work in their establishments in United Statess, including an increase of at least 10% for baristas in charge of making coffee, a spokesperson told . on Thursday.

In addition to baristas, crew chiefs and bartenders hired before September 14 will benefit from the same increase starting December 14.

For those who have been with the company for at least three years, the increase will be at least 11%.

Starbucks will also increase wages paid new hires 5% so that local managers can better attract and retain new talent, the spokesperson said.

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Following the same objective, the group will also increase the amount it pays in addition to the minimum wage set in the different states of the country.

This information was communicated to employees in a letter on November 2.

This new hourly wage increase “represents a new step in the company’s commitment to guaranteeing the wellness of their employees, “adds Starbucks.

More and more large companies, such as Amazon, have decided to raise the minimum hourly compensation they pay their employees to $ 15.

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