Starbucks moves away from controversy and increases wages to its workers

Starbucks announced a 10-11% salary increase for its employees.

The salary increase also includes a 5% to retain and attract new talent.

The company seeks to benefit its part-time and full-time staff.

Starbucks will raise the wages of its workers by 10% as of December 14, 2020.
Baristas, shift supervisors and coffee assistants hired on or before September 14, 2020 will enjoy this benefit.
But if the worker has been in the company for more than three years, his increase will be 11%. This measure will apply only in the United States.
Starbucks’ new investment also includes a 5% increase in all initial rates to attract and retain new talent, as well as an increase in the premium you pay above minimum wage in all markets.

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Jory Mendes, a spokesperson for Starbucks, said the company has been a leader for nearly 50 years in providing “industry-leading benefits with a best-in-class total compensation approach for part-time and full-time employees.”
The move comes as advocacy groups across the US have pushed for a federal minimum wage of $ 15 (about 301 pesos), a move supported by President-elect Joe Biden.

A Starbucks barista in the United States earns an average of $ 14 per hour, for an 8-hour shift it would be a total of $ 112 a day, equivalent to $ 2,250 pesos a day. With the increase announced by the company, these workers will earn at least 15.4 dollars on average per hour, the equivalent of $ 2,480 pesos a day for a full day.

The average salary that a Starbucks barista receives each month in Mexico is approximately $ 4,579, which matches the national average.
In other words, a Starbucks barista in the United States works only 16 hours to receive the monthly salary of a barista in Mexico from the same company.

The coffee company in our country has been in the eye of the hurricane when in recent weeks President Andrés Manuel López Obrador criticized Alsea for having laid off its workers in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic.