Starbucks glass? In The Crown you see a rat

It was in the last season of game of Thrones where a Starbucks glass -which was actually from another brand only that for all people’s purposes it was a Starbucks glass- could be seen on stage and it was one of the most notable errors of the HBO series, however in the most recent season of The Crown There is no modern object, but a living animal that crosses the set, in this case a rat.

This is how it was pointed out by several users on Twitter who saw episode 3 of season 4 of The Crown and observed this little rat – or mouse probably – making a cameo in these elegant settings from the Netflix series:

This moment can be found in the first minutes of episode three titled «Fairytale»And it is in which Diana moves to Buckingham Palace and begins her transition from an ordinary girl to a future princess, hence the mouse is probably a nod to Cinderella’s fairy tale where the mice help the protagonist of the story to have her prince charming.

the crown bug rat

Another meaning on the part of the fans is that at that time the royalty was not in its best moments and from there to the appearance of this plague. Although the title of the episode can explain this detail.

Will that rodent become one of the most famous on television? We will have to wait.

the crown

Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it is very funny.