Starbucks fires employee for showing his work on TikTok

Starbucks’ bet on social media has focused on product launches and seasonality.

There is an increasingly audacious interest in the market and it is the one that has to do with brand employees revealing their day-to-day lives on social networks.

TikTok has become a very important platform for employees of very popular brands, so they have to think about new image protocols.

Employees are ambassadors for the brands they collaborate on and all the actions they show on social media have consequences, as we will see in the case of a Starbucks “partner”.

We have witnessed all kinds of incidents, in which the collaborators of big brands put these firms in check for sharing unexpected content on social networks.

La Costeña employees published a deplorable image of how they worked in the production chain, while other brands such as Maskota have experienced a crisis because their employees reveal how they treat the animals that are sold in the store.

Starbucks decision

In these cases of how employee content manages to involve brands in negative trends, there are also content that attracts consumers.

Within TikTok and YouTube, videos have been viralized in which coffee shops show how they prepare drinks or food, becoming a trend widely demanded by audiences.

A case of this type had been tremendously popularized by @zadergjura, a user with more than 10,000 followers on TikTok, where his videos recorded inside Starbucks, where he worked, have reached over one and a half million views.

In many of these videos, he showed how brand drinks were prepared and on many occasions he tried mixtures that were not for sale.

After the popularity that his videos have reached, the tiktoker has shown how he finally received a letter from the brand to terminate the contract, where he was warned of the separation of “partners” that he has been subjected to.

The measure took the young man by surprise, because in his videos, he acknowledges, he showed how positive it was to work in one of the brand’s stores, which undoubtedly leaves an important lesson for the chain, because today more than ever it is It has to think of new protocols, where brand employees can continue to express their lives that they spend much of their time at work, through social networks.

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Virality of a work day

Many employees of large brands have turned to social networks to show what a day’s work is like and this content has become a very valuable guideline.

A great example of this we discovered with employees of Oxxo or McDonald’s, the latter being the ones who have been in charge of showing how the famous brand hamburgers are made.

Faced with these trends, the value that consumers have found in content generated by the employees of large brands is patented and how important it becomes for them to understand the branding potential they have in these content.

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