Star Wars reveals the Jedi Order’s biggest flaw

In Star Wars mythology, Jedi are Knights of Light who seek peace in the galaxy, although it also has its flaws.

They have now decided to show the time of the High Republic set about 200 years before the events of the film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. At that time the Jedi Order It is in its greatest splendor, but even so its flaws are still visible.

This story begins with a great event, as the jedi they come together to prevent a disaster that would have wiped out the entire galaxy. Afterwards, each comic or book of Star wars that have been published, has been revealing very interesting details of the powers of these Knights who follow the light side of the force.

It seems that the Jedi have always sought to resolve great events and care little for ordinary people. In a scene from the novel The High Republic: Among the Shadows by Justina Ireland, it becomes quite clear in a conversation between two characters:

“People invent life, that’s true. But the Force doesn’t always take people into account. It is much bigger than the small problems of the colonists or senators. And sometimes, if you look at the forest, you miss what is happening in the trees. “

The problem, according to these citizens of the galaxy of Star wars, is that the Jedi serve the will of the Force, and this necessarily means that they are a bit removed from everyday life. What on the other hand is something normal, since there are thousands of planets with millions of inhabitants, solving all their problems, even when the Order was at its highest moment, is something practically impossible.

This explains why they fell so easily.

The Jedi Order He had been supporting the power of the Republic for thousands of years. But in the movies of Star wars We could see that it was really easy to see them fall and after a few years they were already considered an ancient religion, so the common people quickly forgot all those Knights who gave their lives to keep the peace and went on with their lives quietly.

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