‘Star Wars’ publishes the official names of its times

Photo: The names of the different chronological eras of ‘Star Wars’ are revealed / Via Lucasfilm & Disney

With the publication of new novels by ‘Star Wars’ the franchise timeline has been redefined, placing the different projects at different times that have been named.

Until the arrival of these new publications from ‘Star Wars’, the franchise had always been divided into different eras: The Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, and Sequel Trilogy. This method of separating the tape ‘Star Wars’ was based on the release dates of the three trilogies of the Skywalker saga, and treated the rest of the tapes as filler material.

Photo: ‘Star Wars’ eras timeline / Via Lucasfilm & Disney

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As part of the launch of ‘Star Wars: The High Republic – Light of the Jedi’, a new timeline was developed with six main epochs that put each film and series of ‘Star Wars’ in its correct temporary place.

The new timeline is less focused on the saga Skywalker, extending until the time of the ‘High Republic’ until ‘Rise of the First Order ‘. While the times in the middle have been called, ‘Fall of the Jedi’, ‘Reign of the Empire’, ‘Age of Rebellion’ and ‘The New Republic’. The book also includes a second timeline showing how some publications of novels by ‘Star Wars’ They fit into the canon.

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Furthermore, the redefinition of ‘The High Republic’ serves to clarify and situate the next series of Disney +, ‘The Acolyte’, which will be located at the time of the ‘High Republic’.

Undoubtedly, the new redefinition of the times of ‘Star Wars’ is lined up to take center stage from the saga Skywalker in its quest to expand with endless new projects on the horizon.