Star Plus confirms its arrival in Latin America for this August 31

Are you ready for the arrival of another streaming service? Latin America, it is time to prepare to receive Star Plus, the platform belonging to Disney that will have all the content assigned as “for adults” that cannot be included in Disney Plus, which for now is being its most successful service. This is all the titles you can imagine from the defunct 20th Century Fox studio, including movies, series and many more surprises in which certain productions of The Walt Disney Company are also added that were not considered appropriate for the other service.

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Star Plus, also known as Star +, will be an entertainment streaming service that will include series, movies and live sports. It will arrive this August 31, with a little delay since it had originally been announced for June during the meeting known as Investor’s Day where the titles of the new films and series that Disney will produce in the future were also announced, either for your platform or to hit theaters around the world. Well, now he will do it on the last day of August according to the official press release, and he also shared the news through his social networks.

The content that can be enjoyed by subscribers of the new service includes those productions belonging to The Walt Disney Company, including Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, original National Geographic productions and those originals of the platform that will be renamed Star Original Productions. It is not specified whether, like the US and European versions of the platform, the content found on Hulu will be added, but it is very possible that it will do so soon, although it will not be now, probably due to licensing issues, since for example The Handmaid’s Tale – 100%, found on Hulu in other territories, can be seen here thanks to Paramount Plus.

Perhaps the main novelty of Star Plus is that it will have live sports. In Latin America this has not been seen in any of these new platforms, with the exception of HBO, which has live programming. Paramount Plus, for example, has this option in the United States, while on this side of the world it is like any other video on demand service. The possibility of having sports on the same platform is something that will make users consider accessing this service.

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Within the official statement it is revealed that it will have “all ESPN sports”, such as live events from the most important sports leagues, as well as sports programs. In this regard, the content will be national and international under the ESPN brand and those who are subscribed to the service will be able to see an extensive list of leagues and championships that include baseball. soccer, tennis and boxing. It is emphasized that it will include the professional baseball league (MLB). At the same time, recognized sports programs in Latin America such as ESPN Knockout and Sportscenter will be offered.

For those looking for content not related to sports, Star Plus will have an interesting catalog that will be full of films, series and documentaries. Some of the titles that subscribers will be able to find in terms of series are Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead – 82%, This is Us – 100%, Pose – 100%, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Lost, Futurama and The Simpsons.

In terms of films, there will be an interesting selection of classics, blockbusters and Oscar-winning films, including Nomadland – 100%, Jojo Rabbit – 75%, Deadpool – 84%, Logan – 93%, Bohemian Rhapsody: The Freddie Mercury Story – 51%, The Devil Wears Fashion – 75% and Alien – The Eighth Passenger – 97%. In addition to this, there is a growing collection of original Star productions developed in this territory, which will be released from the day the service is launched. Dramas, biographical films and even docu-realities will arrive.

It has been confirmed that Disney Plus subscribers will have the possibility of accessing the service for a price in a “combo” with which they can have both services, but those who are not interested in having both, will also have the possibility of subscribing only to Star Plus.

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