One of the films that was affected by the closure of coronavirus was the second installment of ‘Space Jam’, which mixes Looney Tunes characters with NBA stars, mainly with LeBron James.

But, there is bad news then one of the stars in the first movie tested positive for the coronavirus.

It was the basketball player himself who made his diagnosis known and encouraged people to take care of themselves and others while distancing themselves socially.

Patrick Ewing tests positive for the coronavirus and the athlete stated that he is currently isolated in a hospital, but his message on social media has reached the furthest corners of basketball fans.

Many will remember the role the NBA played in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic when the great Utah Jazz playerRudy Gobert tested positive for the virus.

That moment triggered a chain reaction that led to the close of the NBA season along with plenty of different entertainment venues.

Now Patrick Ewing tests positive for the coronavirus and explained that ‚Äúthis virus is serious and should not be taken lightly. I want to encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves and their loved ones. “

But, Ewing is not the only cast member of ‘Space Jam’ to have had a brush with the coronavirus. Charles Barkley also had to be self-quarantined during the pandemic.

“I spent the first part of the week in New York City. When I arrived in Atlanta yesterday, I was not feeling well. I spoke to a couple of people in Turner and a couple of doctors and they told me to go into self-quarantine for the next few 48 hours, “Barkley explained.