Star Channel begins broadcasts in Mexico

As part of the change in the Fox brand, as a result of the purchase of The Walt Disney Company, the channels in pay systems that belonged to the Fox brand, such as Fox Channel, FX and its Premium accessories, change their name from February 22, 2021 and thus will be part of the Star Channel family. However, this will not affect or require that the subscribers of these channels do something extra or have an extra cost.

During a round table where Cine PREMIERE was present, we were able to chat with Gonzalo fiure, President of General Entertainment of The Walt Disney Company Latin America and David chavez, VP of Marketing of TWDC Mexico, who offered important details about this change, among them the aforementioned that the subscribers of these channels, apart from the name change, they will not see any other change reflected as a price increase, no channel or change of number to tune in.

Does this have to do with the arrival of Star Plus to Mexico in June?

Yes and no. On the one hand, this name change responds to the fact that all TWDC brands are finally homogenized around the world. But on the other hand, these channels, with years of tradition, do not disappear and continue to offer the subscribing public of cable systems in Mexico the same offer as always, that is, with titles not only from Fox, but from other studios such as Universal with The Vee Law and Order or Paramount with movies such as Bumblebee or Mission Impossible.

Marathons and episodes of various seasons of The Simpsons, Duncanville and The Walking Dead, among other series, will continue to be broadcast, as always.

star channel

While the Star Plus app that will arrive in June, it will correspond to a different and separate service, as it is an on demand service. However, it is not yet known whether subscribers to Star’s Premium channels will be able to access this app in June, such as yes it will be with HBO subscribers when the HBO Max service arrives in the same month of June.

What will happen to the FoxPlay app and site?

At the beginning of 2021, the Fox Play smartphone and smart tv app stopped working. This app allowed us to see the channels to which they were subscribed in a streaming way, and also to access various titles of movies and series to watch on demand.

However, the site for browsers and desktops is still active:

The site is still alive. The way to still access Star Premium content will be through this site and it will still live. Until the moment Star Plus arrives, it will be the way in which the consumer can access Star Premium, they don’t have to do anything different at all, pay more, or reconfigure your browser, that remains transparent. And the moment Star Plus arrives we will define and share how the Star Premium service will be accessed »

For now, Star Channel and the rest of its channels will begin broadcasting from February 22.


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