These days we have attended the launch of many free initiatives to better cope with confinement. Among them stands out the launch of many quality courses at no cost, such as those of Pluralsight, and today we have known ‘Code in Place’ of the United States Stanford University, one of the best in the world.

‘Code in Place’ is a course in English for which no previous programming knowledge required, and you will learn how to program using the Python language. The materials to be used are the same as those used in the first part of the introduction to the current Stanford course, known as CS106A. The experience promises a lot, and it is that, as we will see, it does not have the characteristics that we are used to in most online courses.

Code in Place is a tutored course with weekly video calls

From Stanford they affirm that Whoever wants to do the course, must be at least 18 years old and between 15 and 20 hours per week of availability with Internet connection to receive the video. And, in addition to using online resources, there will be 40-minute video conferences in small groups of 10 people once a week with a teacher.

If what you expect at the end of the course is a diploma, this is not yours, because nor will you be able to take that or credits that will serve you in your university enrollment. To finish it, optionally, you will have to deliver a final work as a compilation of the course.

That they accept our requests, which we can do from this link until April 8, will depend on the availability of places, which can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on how many teachers join as volunteer instructors. To find out if the course suits us or not, they propose to do an exercise that takes between one and two hours before day 8. This is the recommended reading to do the exercises.

         Stanford University Launches Free Introductory Python Programming Course for Beginners