Standings Liga Santander – Matchday 37


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The three teams aspiring to the title of LaLiga Santander 2020-2021 have their matches even at the end of the first half of their matches corresponding to matchday 37. If things do not change, FC Barcelona would be eliminated from the fight for the championship, with his 77 points, already far from Atlético, leader with 81. The only team that can steal the prize from the rojiblancos is Real Madrid, which would follow second, with 79.

The two Madrid teams draw without goals despite having had great chances, both Atleti at home against Osasuna, and those of Zidane, who play in San Mamés against Athetlic.

At the Camp Nou, Barça and Celta are 1-1, after Messi overtook the Catalans and Santi Mina balanced, by the Galicians. In this way, Koeman’s men do not take advantage of the momentary ties of the first two.

You can check the Complete LaLiga statistics through the following link being able to see key aspects such as the top scorers, the classification of Zamora and the list of red or yellow cards among many other things.

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PJ teams Points Atlético Madrid 37 * 81 Real Madrid 37 * 79 FC Barcelona 37 * 77 Sevilla 37 * 74

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