The Austrian tennis player Stan wawrinka He gave an interview to RTS where he spoke about all the current events that surround the world of tennis and gave the reasons why he has decided not to travel to the United States to play the Cincinnati and US Open tournaments. The Helvetian decided to stay in Europe and get competitive in two Challenger tournaments.

-He did not miss tennis during the confinement period:

“During those months I was happy because I could spend a lot of time at home with my family. I have never had so much rest before and other than an injury. To be honest, I did not miss tennis. I would have missed it if I knew that No more was going to be played during the year, but knowing that the tournaments would be back in August, I didn’t miss him. I love tennis and if I keep playing it’s because of the excitement I feel every time I hit the court. “

-Current moment of form:

“At the moment I feel very well physically and mentally. I decided to register for two Challengers tournaments in the Czech Republic in order to pick up a competitive pace before the big clay tournaments that will take place in Rome and Paris.”

-Wawrinka has been one of the players who has confirmed that he will not play in either the Cincinnati or US Open tournaments because of the pandemic:

“I do not want to travel to the United States in these conditions. Currently in New York things are very bad because of the coronavirus and I am not going to expose myself. In addition, the tour of tournaments that will come later in Europe will be very hard and therefore you have to prepare very well and avoid not congesting the calendar too much. If Washington had stayed on the calendar, perhaps I would have changed my mind and traveled to the United States. Finally that contest was suspended and if we add the uncertainty that exists with the issue of quarantine, I decided do not travel. There are still many questions and doubts about the celebration of the US Open. “

-For Wawrinka, tennis will be one of the last sports to return to normal:

“Tennis will be the last sport to return to normal. Previously there have been some exhibitions in which things have gone well and others that not so much. Many blamed Novak for what happened on the Adria Tour, but he just followed suit. health regulations of the country in question. As he is the number one in the world, he takes more responsibility than any other player. Obviously he should have been much more careful. It is not my place to have to give him lessons, “he concluded.