Every master has his own trick. With this hackneyed saying you can understand the multiplicity of options chosen by the different players to make their own process of de-escalation towards the competition. Nadal and Djokovic are already training, Federer is very calm, Thiem is competing in exhibition tournaments and, for his part, Stan Wawrinka he is clear that he does not want to rush. That was what he revealed in an interview for the RTS media, where he spoke about his perception of the season and the process that will follow to regain fitness.

“It is very positive that there is already talk from some tournaments, about the possibility of playing with some audience. For many restrictions that exist, it will always be better to have people in the stands than to compete behind closed doors,” says a man who was questioned about how he perceives the options to dispute the two Grand Slams that remain in the air and reaffirmed the opinion expressed a few days ago regarding the US Open, although he showed optimism with the Parisian event. “I have a lot of doubts about whether we can go to New York, but I have high hopes that it can be played Roland Garros“he asserted.

The key will be to gradually degrease the body to get in top shape. “I am very out of shape right now. I have received requests to play exhibition tournaments, both in Switzerland and the event organized by Novak in Serbia. I rejected them all because I do not want to take risks of injury until I am perfectly well. I am going to work with intensity from June 1. Until now I have only stepped on the court a few times without great aspirations, “he said before setting out his ideal plan. “The best thing would be for some official scoring tournaments to be organized before Roland Garros, even if it was behind closed doors, in order to arrive in full condition,” declared a Stan Wawrinka which still has a lot to say in tennis.