It’s been two seasons now that Stan Van Gundy He has been out of the league since he was fired by the Detroit Pistons, but the veteran coach remains determined to return to the league. The former Magic rang for several days as a candidate to direct both Brooklyn nets like to New York Knicks and when it was consulted, it was blunt.

In dialogue with ESPN Radio, Van Gundy said that “between both jobs, that of the Nets is the best. There are no questions about that right now. The organization is more stable, they have won more games and they are more talented, ”he said, scorning a possible offer from the Knicks and playing the plenary to direct Brooklyn.

Criticism of the Knicks’ organization is neither new nor will it stop falling as the franchise is highly dysfunctional in its work. Van Gundy is confident that he will have more luck in the Nets’ locker room than Kenny Atkinson and, in the absence of knowing what the future of the NBA will be, he may have been preparing for his new job.

Stan Van Gundy Explains Why He Has No Interest In Coaching Knicks #Coaching via

– Ashish Bedekar (@ashishrbedekar) March 23, 2020