They no longer inspire confidence, neither in sports nor in offices. It is what transpires from each occasion in which the name of the New York Knicks comes to the fore. Five years of disaster at all levels have made famous coaches and players flee from what continues to be the franchise that generates the most money in the world. NBA, despite its drift for a long time. The morbidity that implies being part of the guests of the Madison Square Garden It is not enough to attract great figures, who see how it has been impossible for years to generate an exciting sports project and to whom power struggles in the offices make them flee. This has been stated Stan Van Gundy, coach without a job since he was fired from the Detroit Pistons two seasons ago.

“I am different from many other coaches when looking for a job. I need to feel a special connection with who recruits me, I must be clear that I will be part of an efficient administration in which I can work freely and respect my principles. Yes That does not work, I do not care what salary or the project there may be, “declared for the NYPost a man who asked for the double role of manager and coach in the Pistons, where his omnipresence ended badly. “What I have seen for a long time at the Knicks is a totally dysfunctional and ineffective structure, so I am not interested in going there,” he said.

This is how forceful was a man who he renounces being the 13th coach since the 2001-2002 season in a franchise lacking success. Carmelo Anthony did not know how to refloat a team that lacks direction and has failed to choose well in many drafts. “Although I would have been interested in training the Knicks, I don’t think I would have because my brother Jeff has a personal story there that I respect a lot and I don’t think it was positive for anyone that I was part of the team. But the reality is that I didn’t I am not attracted to that bench. I have to say that I would stay much sooner with the option of training the Brooklyn nets“The man who led the Dwight Howard Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals blurted out.

“They have a more stable work structure, I see an identity in the team and the players have always strived to be competitive, even when they had everything against them. I have no doubt that anyone would like to train the Nets more than the Knicks “, It must be remembered that Kenny Atkinson was fired a while ago and those in Brooklyn are looking for a solvent coach capable of managing the egos of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving next season, and that ensures them fight for the ring. We will have to be attentive to the future of Stan Van Gundy in the NBA and of course to about New York Knicks they look more like a circus or a festival than a serious team.