Stan Lee already showed how to introduce the X-Men in Marvel Studios

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There is a story of the X-Men written by Stan Lee that shows a perfect way to connect mutants with the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

When Disney I buy FOX, the fans of Marvel studios they were glad as the mutants and the Fantastic Four could be used for this Cinematographic Universe. But, there is a great doubt. How can they introduce the mutants of the X-Men without breaking the coherence that is so important within the saga? An history about Stan lee it may be the key and it would also be a brutal tribute to the mythical creator of so many characters who have been so important in comics and now in the cinema.

Prior to X-Men # 1 published in 1963, Stan lee Y Jack kirby they worked in Amazing Adult Fantasy # 14. Here is the story called The Man in the Sky! (The Man in the Sky!). The protagonist was a man named Ted carter that he obtained telepathic and telekinetic powers, although he was a mutant it was not clear how he obtained his gifts. But Stan lee He always liked the idea that mutants had their origin in increasing radiation levels on Earth due to atomic bombs and nuclear power plants. Which explains why he sometimes called the X Men the “Sons of the atom”.

What is the story about?

To fit in Marvel studios, the X MenThey must have been on Earth for a long time but without interfering in human affairs. The character of Ted carter by receiving his powers he pretends to do good, but in the end he causes fear among people because they believe that he is very powerful and they try to kill him. In the end he is saved by someone who levitates him and speaks directly to his mind. It is about the mutants who have been hiding in a sanctuary waiting for the day when humanity can accept them.

The funny thing about this story is that it is similar to The inhumans which are also the work of Stan lee Y Jack kirby. They may even look like The Eternals, new characters that we will see in Marvel Studios in the film that will be released in November 2021.

If we review all the movies and series of Marvel studios which are in Disney plus we can see that they try very hard to make sense of everything and also to see it in a specific order. So introduce the X Men it won’t be easy at all.


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