Stade Français Paris confirms its improvement against Bordeaux-Bègles

In a late match of the 1st day of the Top 14, Stade Français Paris signed a third success in a row against Bordeaux-Bègles (26-16), which sees its streak of three consecutive victories come to an end.

Stade Français Paris is definitely launched in its season. After a series of sawtooth performances and two defeats in a row at Clermont then against Racing 92, Gonzalo Quesada’s players took advantage of a late match of the 1st day of the Top 14 against Bordeaux-Bègles to line up a third consecutive success in the league and continue their rise in the rankings. However, after a first failure at the foot of Joris Segonds, it was Ben Botica who opened the scoring for the UBB but the Parisians quickly got their hands on the score. From the 9th minute, following a maul, the jump pass from Joris Segonds created a gap in the Gironde defense which Telusa Veainu took advantage of to serve on a Lester Etien plateau, which flattened into a corner.

In a closed match, the scorers made it possible to move the score but without the gap evolving with an advantage of seven lengths for Stade Français Paris at the end of the first act. If, five minutes after the break, Ben Botica brought Bordeaux-Bègles to four lengths, Ben Lam was caught by the patrol three minutes later. The New Zealand winger crashed into Telusa Veainu in the air, earning him a yellow card. But, with a Joris Segonds not successful at the foot with two failures, the Parisians could not capitalize on this numerical superiority to widen the gap. The Parisian striker, despite two new missed penalties, was able to give his team a ten point lead just under a quarter of an hour from the end of the match. It was then that Bordeaux-Bègles rebelled. After a good scratch in a ruck, Marco Tauleigne launched the counter and perfectly shifted Ben Lam who was not disturbed to flatten the first Girondin try, bringing his team to three lengths.

If Joris Segonds once again failed to give air to his team four minutes from the siren, the Parisians were however able to approach the end of the match calmly. Indeed, less than a minute later, Alex Arrate signed his team’s second try. Taking advantage of an advantage following a high tackle on Jonathan Danty, Joris Segonds attempted a kick over which fell straight into the hands of… the same Jonathan Danty. Arriving at his height, Alex Arrate was served on a plateau to flatten between the posts and offer a clear success to his team (26-16). A third consecutive victory which allows the Stade Français Paris to move up to fifth place when Bordeaux-Bègles, which sees its series of three successes in a row come to an end, remains in eighth place in the standings. The two teams still have one game overdue to play in the coming weeks.

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