On his Instagram account, Squeezie shared a new photo where he explained to his fans that he is still a fan of manga!

For years, Squeezie has been a die-hard manga fan. And the least we can say is that despite the passage of time, he is still as full. He takes pleasure in them read wherever it is.

This Monday, August 10, Squeezie posted a new photo on his Instagram account which did not fail to make his fans react. Indeed, he took the pose in right in the middle of a store. The young man took the pose on his knees. But that’s not all.

Squeezie showed up with a manga in his hand. Dressed in a white t-shirt, he also opted for black shorts and sneakers. Of course, the influencer also has posed with a mask.

On the other hand, he also opted for sunglasses to complete his look. A rather surprising detail given that it is right in the middle of a store. He keeps his style no matter the place.

Squeezie appears in the middle of a snack reading with his mask

In the caption of his Instagram photo, Squeezie also asked his fans: “Who always reads a manga squatting in the shelf before buying it? “. With his photo, he also collected more than 526,000 “likes” from his fans.

In the comments, the latter did not fail to compliment the young man. Others said they did the same in the shelf of bookstores.

Under his photo, his fans also wrote: “What do you mean crouching? I sit down, I have to get comfortable eh. “,” Manga = life. “, ” The base. “But also” Personally, as I am an iron man, I just have to download the data from the book in my brain directly ! “.

Many messages that are sure to make the YouTuber laugh. It must be said that his fans understand it and are often in the same delusions as him !

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