Celia Lora: Squatting showed the best angle of her rear for her Instagram fans | INSTAGRAM

The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, has become the center of attention in social networks in recent weeks, because despite having been locked in your house, she has continued to produce new content.

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With the broadcast of his great program Acapulco Shore, which is broadcast on MTV, he has started new projects, another one is the « Consultorio del amor ».

The young woman appeared wearing her newest squat sports outfit showing the best angle of her rear to delight her faithful Instagram fans.

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The photograph of managed to gather tens of thousands of likes in a few hours you can is one of the most liked young women on the platform and Latin Americans consider her as the most beautiful Mexican, they adore and admire her enormously.

The young woman has known how to take advantage of her time at home looking for the best angles and corners to take the best possible photographs and thus not leave her followers without something nice to see.

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He is currently starting another new project this time for his YouTube channel and plans to do it with all the energy and attitude to grow in this video social network.

In this new program what the quarantine has taught me the famous young woman will tell her anecdotes lived in the quarantine and everything she learned, as well as how to spend your time in this very different time.

It is incredible how Celia Lora has learned to be one of the most influential influencers and to focus her content on an audience that is growing at a faster pace, since they are coming together to help the young woman have good anecdotes in her new show.