Square Enix launches mysterious countdown of the World Ends With You

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/17/2020 1:14 pm

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Square enix he is up to something related to The World Ends With You. Today, the Japanese company published a mystery website with a timer that, at the time of writing, marks less than seven days until “something” happens.


Why is this causing so much intrigue? Well, for starters, the typeface used is extremely similar to that of The World Ends With You, so there is no doubt that this new page has something to do with the acclaimed Japanese franchise. Outside of that, there are not many details that are known about it.

Of course, this has already caused hundreds of fans to start speculation, and the most popular theory indicates that this preview could be a new game for Nintendo switch, but as I was saying before, there is nothing official to back it up. For now, we have only to wait.


Source: Square enix

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