Square Enix hints at the World Ends with You ad and could be a video game

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Despite the fact that The World Ends with You, Square Enix’s RPG, debuted more than 10 years ago and that it has only had a single release (and some ports), the franchise has given much to talk about in recent days, since Square Enix was confirmed to be working on an animated series for the title. Apparently the company prepares more surprises and one of them could be related to a video game.

Fans have begun to believe this after Square Enix created a mysterious website that at first glance is not related to any series, but that fans of The World Ends with You quickly identified thanks to a musical theme that is heard on the page. It also attracted attention because it was shared by the official account of the 1st Production Department of Square Enix, which changed its cover image and banner for some images of the franchise.

What keeps fans most excited is that on the page there is a countdown that started in 7 days, but that is already in 5 days with around 6 hours at the time of publishing the note, which suggests that whatever the project that Square Enix will announce, we should hear from it early on Monday, November 23 (12:00 AM Mexico City time).

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Clues indicate the World Ends with You could return with a new game

So far it is unknown what kind of ad it will be, but there are clues that suggest it is related to a video game. The main one is that a few days ago Tetsuya Nomura, designer and creative of Square Enix, days ago hinted that there would be news related to Nintendo Switch soon.

Additionally, Twitter user Stealth40k reports that the director of The World Ends with You and the head of Nintendo’s third party game portfolio management have liked the post. We will keep you informed.

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Square Enix has shared trailers with several minutes of video for the new animated series The World Ends with You. You can check them by clicking on this link. If you want to read more news related to the Square Enix RPG franchise, we invite you to visit this page.

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