Spy photos in China reveal the frame and rear design of the Citroën C5 2022

The long-awaited new generation of the Citroën C5 is getting closer and closer. Linda Jackson confirmed the arrival of the new French model in 2022 in Europe, and spy photos show that the model is already in the making in China. Completely camouflaged, we can see the rear view and part of the side, throwing very interesting details.

The Citroën C5 It is one of the most anticipated models in recent years. Nna new generation that gives a relief to a model that was on the market for almost a decade and has been replaced by an SUV. Plans for new model launches with the two chevrons remain unchanged, and the new Citroën C5will arrive in 2022 as Linda Jackson confirmed two years ago.

However, it will no longer be a conventional saloon. Citroën will continue betting on the format of the C3 and C4, passenger cars with a higher body height to the ground in the purest Cactus style, precisely the model that launched this configuration. But, without a doubt, the most anticipated is the style that will reproduce the new top of the range that, known internally as E43, will offer a design more familiar and with a certain sportier air like Shooting Brake.

The side of the future Citroën C5 with a new fixed window on the rear pillar, not present in the Cxperience Concept

The Citroën C5 will arrive in 2022 reproducing the concept of neo-sedan that the French firm boasts

This combination of formats is the it is known in the signature of the two chevrons as «neo-sedan», and the one that can be seen in the spy photos leaked from China, where it is being developed and where it will be manufactured. Just look at the frame structure to notice the pronounced drop at the rear, a design reminiscent of the Citroën Cxperience Concept presented in 2016, with proportions of saloon two and a half volumes, like those of the old Xantia.

The spy photo from the back he barely lets one see very shylyboomerang-shaped tail lights. In addition, the shape of the gate is also reminiscent of the old C6 style, with very rounded and protruding shapes that give the shape of a three-volume false saloon. Ahead, there will be no surprises because the same concept design is expected, seen in the new compact and the updated utility, with the split headlamps and extended chevrons.

Under the hood, engines are expected gasoline and diesel three and four cylinders, all with automatic transmission. The offer also includes a plug-in hybrid, although they could be two and thus cover the spectrum of powers of segment E, where the C6 was also present, since this new model will occupy the gap of the two banners.

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