LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida, USA (AP) – The San Antonio Spurs kept alive their hopes of being the first team in NBA history to advance to the playoffs 23 times in a row, after beating 123 on Tuesday. 105 to the Houston Rockets.

Klendon Johnson had 24 points and 11 rebounds for the Spurs, who have won three straight games and five of seven since hitting the Florida “bubble”.

DeMar DeRozan added 23 units. Jakob Poeltl finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

In the Western Conference, a qualifying round is guaranteed to define the last berth to the postseason. Memphis started the day just half a game over Portland and one game ahead of Phoenix and San Antonio.

The Spurs will need help to be one of the teams to play this weekend with the goal of defining the last guest in the West. But with their victory Tuesday, they made sure they weren’t eliminated.

Russell Westbrook had 20 points and seven balls in the game that marked his return to the Houston lineup after missing two games due to a hit to the right quadriceps. Jeff Green added 17 points and Ben McLemore added 16.

James Harden received a rest and was absent for the Rockets.