The end of 2019 is approaching, a moment that for many serves to reflect on how the year has gone and what balance is drawn from the year. But in some applications this reflection is more of a reminder, more now that a decade such as 2010-2020 has closed. In the case of one of the most important music streaming apps, Spotify Wrapped 2019 It will tell you which are the most listened songs of the last decade.

Spotify tells you what your most listened songs have been

Everyone’s tastes are changing and in a decade they are noticeable. On a musical level this is a reality and while in a year you like jazz, over time you go to reggae with a pop artist on your playlist. Analyzing the evolution of these tastes is something that Spotify continuously does for your news radar, but when the end of the year comes the application will take stock of everything you have heard in 365 days.

As is tradition, it is already here in Spotify Wrapped 2019 which you can consult now from your application for iOS and Android as from the web application. You will find the balance of the year that we mentioned before with the classic top of songs that you have made sound from the application and as a special event of this year the list with the best songs that you have heard in the decade. All this can be consulted from the banner on the top of your smartphone.

Alone open the Spotify app and, on the Home screen, search for banner located at the top. When you give it you will see an inroduction on the Top of songs, and when finished, give ‘Find out.’ Inside you will find in a different way how your year has gone in an innovative way for the brand. It turns out that Stories like those on Instagram They have become a very attractive format and Spotify has its own too.

Through them – there are about twenty Stories, and it is worth taking a little while to enjoy them – you will see both your favorite song as well as the artist that you have liked the most in this time. If you have your linked Facebook account you are in luck as you can share those stories with your friends.

Another great novelty this year is that thanks to these ephemeral photos the music app has made different studies. One of them has to do with the seasons, so it has four stories dedicated to seeing how your tastes have changed depending on the four seasons. You will also have access to the genres you have listened to the most.

An additional space for Premiums and artists

The Spotify Wrapped 2019 It not only includes the most relevant songs and artists worldwide in two different playlists. The app has made a personalized space for premium users who will have a graph of how long they have been enjoying the application with the conditions of the paid service.

On the other hand, it has not forgotten about those who keep the service alive: the creators. The version of the app for artists, in addition to the podcasters, will also have graphics to see the growth of their channels with each new follower as well as the countries that listen to them the most.

What have been your favorite themes of this Spotify Wrapped 2019 ?.