The Internet is an inexhaustible source of multimedia content. What attracts the most attention are the videos, of that there is no doubt, but on the Internet there is room for everyone. There are users who only upload photos and give them a title, while others opt for the other side of the multimedia: sound. And there are many platforms where you can upload the topics that people want to talk about and share as if they were a radio and now they can all be found on Spotify with its new podcast feature.

Finally you will have podcast discoveries

In streaming music apps you have access to thousands of audio files that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want. But this focuses not only on the songs of your favorite artists, but also on the conversations of broadcasters from whom you listen to their shows or podcasts as they are commonly known. There are hundreds of platforms on the Internet dedicated to this content, but Spotify will show you all the latest news or related programs.

The function is an old acquaintance that has been running in the app from the beginning with the name of weekly discoveries. This time the firm repeats the formula, but this time betting on the content of the app’s thematic programs. The particular feature is called Your Daily Podcast and it is focused on showing you the podcasts most similar to the ones you already listen to.

According to the company in the statements collected by Digital Trends, the recommendations will come after studying the eavesdropping for 90 days and will have content related to the topics you have been listening to. Specifically, the algorithm will take into account several parameters and it is very likely that you will find chapters that you have already heard but that are very popular, either because of the gender of the speaker, the theme or even the duration.

At the moment this function is in the testing phase and only a few lucky people can access this function. These will be distributed between the United States, Switzerland, England, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Australia, so the rest of the users will have to wait for the tests to finish and reach the rest of the world.