Spotify, the music streaming service, has stopped working properly on iOS. During the last hours, multiple users have reported on social networks that the iPhone application closes automatically within seconds of opening it. The error is reproduced, as Hipertextual has verified, both in the officially available version (iOS 13.5.1) and in the beta version of iOS 14. The error is also reproduced in the version of Spotify for iPadOS.

The European company has reported via Twitter that they are aware of the error. They are currently investigating the source of the error and trying to resolve it as soon as possible.

The bug affects more apps besides Spotify

The error seems to be playing in other apps too such as that of The New York Times, Booking, Glovo, TikTok or VSCO. Hipertextual has been able to verify that these ‘apps’ automatically close when they are opened on iOS devices. In many cases, yes, the application can be opened after several attempts. In the case of Spotify, however, the application is constantly closed.

In the Downdetector service, which allows identifying problems in online services, you can see how the number of complaints related to various platforms has increased in recent hours. The error therefore does not appear to be an isolated case.

Everything seems to indicate that both the failure of Spotify and the instability of other applications (such as TikTok, VSCO or Booking) are related to an error in the Facebook SDK, used by hundreds of applications for iOS. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is currently investigating the error.

Is It would not be the first time that a failure in the Facebook code causes instability in applications from other companies. In May, a bug in the Facebook SDK also caused dozens of platforms to stop working properly over a period of time.

Update (07/10/2020 – 15:00): the affected applications have returned to normal operation. The bug, which affected Spotify, TikTok, Tinder and many other platforms, appears to have been resolved.

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