Spotify works on new tabs for when we are playing a song including “Canvas” and also an interesting reference to “video”, which could offer us full videos of the song we are listening to.

Spotify is working to incorporate a new tab related to videos that it could make all our reproductions much more enjoyable and interesting, and that it would compete with other similar features that competing applications like YouTube Music have.

Spotify recently removed one of its more annoying limitations and now they are apparently working on a new feature that will add a video tab to our views, in terms similar to what YouTube Music does.

As advanced by engineer Jane WongSpotify plans to create an interface with several tabs on the current playback screen, which will allow us to jump between different options for the content that is displayed on that screen. These included new tabs include “Canvas” and a completely new “video” section.

Canvas It is a new tab that will show us small video clips instead of the album cover, and it is not the complete music video, but a neat little animation that may be related to the music video.

Where there is more mystery is related to the other video tab, which would presumably have to show full music videos within the Spotify app, although this could bring a number of previous copyright agreements. Especially interesting is this last video tab, of which it is not yet known for sure if finally full videos or only advances will be shown.

The remaining tab is the one that usually comes out with the album cover, to simply give some sense to the screen interface and that will not change about it.

We will see if Spotify includes music video playback as standard when we are listening to our songs, although given that it is a feature that would require some financial investment in the application, it would be more dedicated to premium users.

[Vía: 9to5google]