Popular applications such as Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder and at least a dozen other apps are having problems on iOS and The first analyzes suggest that Facebook is the main culprit. On Twitter, multiple Apple users report that these applications automatically close when they open them or have problems logging in.

Although exactly what is causing the error in the apps is unknown, several reports suggest that It originates from Facebook’s Software Development Kit, or SDK, which is used by various applications to manage user logins.

Here is a sample of the error in various iOS apps:

AThe moment the problem only occurs on iPhone and iPad. This morning, Facebook recognized the problem through its developer page.

“We are aware of and are investigating an increase in errors in the iOS SDK that is causing some applications to crash,” they said.

LThe SDKs are a way that Facebook can also collect information from users within other applications.

If your applications are having failures at the time of logging in, according to The Verge, it would be convenient to use a privacy protection in iOS through Lockdown Apps, so that by means of a VPN it blocks the trackers and softwares like the SDK and you can log in temporarily during the failures which are currently presenting multiple applications.

In the App Store you must download the Lockdown Apps and you must configure a VPN on your iPhone. The solution may be momentary, while Facebook solves the problem.