Spotify now also has stories in albums and playlists

It is increasingly common to see that applications and platforms adopt stories, a feature that has given Instagram excellent results. If we recently told you that Twitter moved its letters to get on the train of Stories, now it is Spotify who follows in his footsteps along the same path (via .). Yes, Spotify updated to integrate Snapchat-style stories, and they are very different from the ones we knew previously in the streaming music service.

Spotify had already embraced stories since 2019, yet it was a mere experiment used by very few people. The initial idea, name Storyline, was for artists to offer additional information about their songs through stories. It was possible to share the process they went through to create it or how they were inspired, among other information that could be interesting for the listeners. However, functionality has been expanded after the last update.

The interface embraces the stories and videos

First, the interface makes it easier to access these stories. Before they were located under the Genius section, and now you will see them above the title of a playlist or album. Sure, Spotify didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so the story indicator is traced from other platforms — a circle with a colored line surrounding it.

Further, now it is possible to watch short videos, just like it happens on Instagram. It’s important to note that it’s only available on certain playlists and albums at the moment. Surely in the coming weeks it will expand to more content. Further, the creation of the stories depends on the artists and those responsible for the lists. The latter are usually those created by Spotify itself, so for now you will not be able to publish your story.

Unlike Twitter, which integrated the stories —Fleets— even though no one asked for them, Spotify can get a real benefit from this feature. Artists, for example, could share content related to a new album. In this way it would be possible to strengthen interaction with listeners, while they obtain interesting data from the music they are listening to. If you want to test the stories, just search and enter the “Christmas Hits” playlist created by Spotify:

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