After a first option that opened the door to create music sessions between friends, Spotify has expanded the borders so that we can listen to our group lists and podcasts, even if they are miles away. Begins to be available in mobile applications.

Few apps have made access to music as easy as Spotify has. Unlimited musical catalogs, all styles and genres, local and worldwide artists, even podcasts: Spotify opens the door to a whole auditory universe from the smartphone. And it does not stop innovating to take the experience to higher levels, as is the case with the latest news: would you like to listen to music with your friends even if they are somewhere else?

Listen to the same music as your friends and simultaneously

Spotify group sessions are not really new since this feature was released in beta a few months ago. Although in a different way: until now you could hold sessions with other contacts, although always in the same room. Spotify only allowed to take control of the music, as if it were a shared DJ session.

As Spotify has announced on its blog, group sessions evolve into what they should have been from the start: option to listen to the same music simultaneously and remotely. They work as expected: once the session has been shared, everyone who joins will hear on their Spotify what the host is putting on. For it:

Open Spotify and play any theme.
Click on the device icon, the one on the bottom right.
It descends to ‘Start a group session‘and share the link to the session. You can also send a screenshot of the code for your friends to scan.
Everyone who accesses the session via link or capture will listen to the same music through their applications even if they are at a distance. Also, they will be able to use the playback controls and add themes of their choice.

The option for remote groups is already active, but it is possible that the possibility of sharing the link for them to join will not appear on your Spotify yet. This is in full expansion, it is only a matter of time until it reaches you. And yes: group sessions are only valid for those who own Spotify Premium.

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Listen to music simultaneously with friends and remotely: Spotify improves group sessions