Are you more of cats or dogs? Iguanas or fish? Do you like birds or reptiles more? These questions may seem like trivial topics to start a conversation with someone new, but the funny thing is that Spotify is also asking about you. If you do not believe it, wait to enter the page that the streaming music app launches with its new pet playlist feature called Spotify Pets.

Spotify makes you a playlist according to your pet

If you are an absolute fan of music, you surely have a music app on your mobile that serves all the multimedia content you want. But you still go further and the music inspires you so much that you have decided to put the name of your favorite artist on your pet. Mercury, Marley, Angus and many others are the ones chosen to name your pet, but on Spotify they want to raise the bar with their new pet playlist.

The streaming music app has published today on its website that it is now available Spotify Pets. This new feature for all music lovers who have a pet at home. Everything is based on a series of questions that you will have to answer to have yours, but don’t worry because they are very easy. You will start choosing the species of your pet, where the firm gives options to choose between dogs, cats, birds, iguanas or hamsters (sorry fish lovers.

Then touch give details about your animal, if he is calm or a sack of nerves, if he is shy or most social … in short, his character and personality. This is what will help the app to choose the type of music it will put on the playlist. Now only the easiest thing is to give your pet’s name to the playlist and share a photo so that it appears on the cover. Then you will have a new playlist adapted to your pet that you can even share with your friends.

To enter we make it easy for you, and that is to use Spotify Pets You just have to click on the following link and start with the questions that we mentioned before and have your new personalized playlist with your pet. Will you put it on your friend when it’s finished?

Enter Spotify Pets