Spotify creates a new tool for podcasts: learn more about it

Podcasts have become the favorite medium of Spotify subscribers: the Swedish platform created a button that will help their performance.

Podcasts are becoming the favorite medium for Spotify users, and this does not escape the eyes of the company.

Spotify now allows its users to save individual podcast episodes to their libraries, without the need to subscribe to a show.

It is one more step for the Swedish platform to boost its power in audio series.

The tool for podcasts

The utility creates new horizons for subscribers, even if it seems modest. It gives them the freedom to save the episode to listen to it later, when they have time to do so.

They just add it to their library and voila. To continue with their jobs and then listen to them calmly.

Before, in order to do so, you had to subscribe to the program in question. Now each individual episode has a save button in a new section called “Your Episodes”.

Spotify statistics

In 2020, the number of active Spotify users increased to 299 million, up 29% in the last quarter. The United States and India are at the top among the countries with the largest number of clients.

Of these 299 million users, 138 million are premium subscribers.

In euros, the total earnings increase to 1,758 million only in the premium: the total amounts to 1,889 million. The total profit margin is 25.4%.

By contrast, advertising revenue fell 21% year-on-year, due to the coronavirus.