One of the functions that have marked mobile phones has always been notifications. Messages, missed calls, received files … any event that occurred on the phone was reported with an icon, although this brings news in the world of smartphones. Whether you have iOS or Android, there are applications on your smartphone that notify you of updates and soon one of them will have a special service. Is about Spotify and its new artist notification service.

Artists can now send notifications to their audience

If you are a Spotify user you will know the possibilities that are within the app in terms of music offer is very wide. Everyone can explore what is in the huge library they have, but if you like a group or an artist that can never be missing in your daily reproductions or in your playlist. Before you found out about the latest events on the radio, on the artist’s own page or with a flipper, but now artists can send you notifications through Spotify.

However, the information that will reach your mobile phone will not be like the one that appears at the top of the terminal. These are the internal blocks of the application that show you the latest data of the application, but now they will also send you the news of the artists you like. The company is convinced that the model works and that users do not dislike it, so it is the perfect space for everyone to find out everything.

Notifications cost

As you can imagine, having new Spotify notifications costs users nothing. They only sit around waiting for each new artist to appear except for one condition: artists pay to see their ads. Otherwise they remain as they are, but to reach their total audience these must be free or have notifications activated even having their Premium version.

Definitely: if you are an artist you have to pay so that the announcements of your new hits come out and if you do not want to receive the notifications you only have to pay to access this function of the streaming music app. On the user side, they will have the option of deciding between the artists of whom they want to know the latest of the latest or if they do not want to have any news.